Quarter Bore Pot Call - Glass over Aluminum

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“It’s my favorite because it has that unique sound, from kee kee’s to gobbler yelps.  It’s a must have in the vest.”  Brandon DeSanto


Quarter Bore Turkey Call 

The quarter bore is a smaller turkey call that fits the smaller hand. It creates a easy purr that is perfect for soft tree calls. It's a little bit different than the genesis call but the ideal addition to your turkey call collection. 

 Wenge wood is a dark colored wood, with a slight reddish tint. It's grain has distinctive and subtle linear grain. 

Available with a glass striking surface over an aluminum sound board. 

 Purchase of a turkey call comes with a free hickory striker. Additional strikers can be purchased. 

All of our turkey calls are custom made, so no two are a like. The sound will always sound exceptional and the wood grain will always vary a little between each call. 

Important information regarding the care and maintenance of custom turkey calls. 

Your turkey call will be crafted of real wood. Wood is a sustainable and renewable organic product of nature. As such, it is susceptible to a variety of environmental influences. Climate, light, rainfall, and minerals in the soil all create diverse grain and color patterns that make every tree unique. It is the nature of hardwoods to have mineral streaks (light to dark brown to black), and great variation in graining. Since the number and shapes of streaks very from tree to tree and from board to board, you may notice differences. Mineral streaks or unusual graining are not considered defects and no special emphasis is given to selective materials that match each other. As each piece of wood is unique there will never be a perfect match between two piece of wood. 

Please keep in mind that wood expands and contracts. Because natural wood is porous even after it is finished, it will absorb moisture in areas of high humidity, such as coastal or mountainous regions. especially in warmer climates. In desert regions it may tend to lose moisture and become excessively dry. Either extreme may cause the wood to warp, twist or crack, or joints to open. This can be greatly minimized by storing your call in a climate controlled area. Please do not leave call out in direct sunlight or extreme temperature for extended periods of time. This will help insure a longer life of the product.